Monday, February 3, 2014

Top Ten Board Games For Homeschool

We are a board gaming family! We are those annoying people who have weekly family game nights, and spend weekend afternoons engrossed in board games. I know, I know, ew. But we dig it. Also, I'm a firm believer in the philosophy that learning should be fun. Kids should enjoy school, not dread it. If I didn't like what I do, I wouldn't do it. Why would I expect any different from my children? This goes for just about everything, except chores. There are a few necessary evils in this life, but I digress. To really grasp a concept, kids need to see it as worth grasping. This can be a difficult task for teachers. It's important to remember to have fun, while homeschooling. Science experiments, field trips, projects, and various other hands-on activities are vital. Board games are another way to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom. Here are my top favorites that we use for "school." Some you will be familiar with, some you may not. 

Buy It Right!
This game is probably my favorite math game. It was instrumental in getting my now nine year old to count money and make change. She's now a regular wiz in this arena! I found this one on

10 Days in the USA
This marvel of a game is great for American geography. It also teaches strategy. I found this one on, as well.

This one you recognize. It's great for spelling and strategy. We play this as a family quite often, too. This one I purchased at Walmart.

Another familiar game, and one that we play as a family more often than during school. It teaches strategy and the process of elimination. It's also just plain fun. Walmart, again.

Fun with Pizza Fractions
There are a number of ways to play this game, all of them worth a go. Obviously, it teaches fractions, which sounds boring, but here it's not. I don't remember where I came across this one, it may have been a gift. But you have a search engine, right? Be sure to look up this one.

Again we have strategy, but they also learn coordinate graphing in this one. This game was bought at Walmart.

the Game of Life
I like this game, because it stresses the importance of education. It teaches counting, and stresses reading. You'll also find kids learn that things cost money, and not all of life will happen according to our agenda. This is one we play as a family mostly, but on occasion I'll let it slide into our Friday afternoon school time. Walmart!

The Great Word Race
Spelling and word-building are the concepts reinforced here. My daughter loves this one! She's a good speller, so she wins most of the time, which is probably why she adores it. Got this on

I like this particular game, because all ages can play. My preschooler can take a break from his Chutes and Ladders, or Candy Land, and join in, while learning number recognition. This game also teaches gridding. Bought this version on

Tried and true, this game has entertained generations for over 80 years. It teaches strategy, the art of negotiation, and resource management. It can take some time, so we usually play this one as a family on rainy weekends. You can find it anywhere board games are sold.

Well, that's my list. I'm sure I could add a lot more, but ten seems like a nice round number. What are some of your favorite board games?

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