Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let's Talk Chores!

The chores question comes up a lot. Here's a quick explanation of how we manage chores, in the Kitschy Homeschool House.

I'll be honest. My kids do a fairly minimal amount of chores. I'm a tough teacher. Their workload is much heavier than most homeschoolers I know. I expect a lot out of them during school hours, so I don't feel endless chores are necessary or fair. My kids need and deserve their down time. That said, they don't get off scot-free. Here's a break down of their chore list.

Morning Chores:
After breakfast each day, my oldest son (age 15) takes out the trash and recycling. My daughter (age 10) empties the dishwasher. Then they wash up, get dressed, and we start school. 

Afternoon/Evening Chores:
Sometime before dinner twice a week, my oldest two clean their bathroom. 

That's pretty much it. Now, they're all (including my 4 year old) responsible for keeping their rooms tidy, and putting away their own laundry. They're all also required to do anything I ask of them. For example, if I say, "Go gather all the dishes from around the house." or "Pick up the clutter in the living room," then they better hop to it. 

Short post, I know. How extensive are the chores in your household?

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