Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day in the Life: Our Typical Homeschool Wednesday

I thought by now I may regret deciding to do this series, but it's not so hard to just take pictures throughout your day, and write a quick post to go along with them. This is installment number three.

It was a chilly day, for April. We had been having beautiful 75-80 degree days, but yesterday it stormed, leaving today in the 50's and windy. We didn't let it deter us though. We've been doing "fun school" this week, in stead of taking an entire week for spring break. I really didn't want to lose all of those days, so we're taking off Friday and Monday of Easter weekend, and that's it. This way, summer break comes sooner!

This was our day, on April 16, 2014. It was a typical "fun school" Wednesday.

My day started with coffee and a round of Candy Land, with this cutie.

Once the older two were up, I made them all some breakfast.

Next, while my oldest was doing his chores, my daughter worked on her typing.

Then, while my daughter was working on her chores, my oldest did his online Spanish lesson.

Afterward, we met some fellow homeschool pals at a local park.

But the wind was too much, so we made our way to our friends' house, for some more play time for the kids, and more chat time for us moms.

Everyone was having so much fun, that we didn't want to leave. So we stayed, snacked a bit in lieu of lunch, and the kids played some more, while we moms continued gabbing.

Once we returned home, we jumped on an engineering project, an egg drop competition.

After having my youngest test several locations, with just a plain egg, we settled on our tennis court. 

My daughter's contraption didn't fare too well, so it was back to the drawing board, for her.

My oldest son's apparatus did very well, not a crack.

My daughter tried again and.....success!!

Then a quick snack (watergate salad)....

...and outside for some reading. The afternoon turned out rather pretty, once the wind died down.

This is when our homeschool day ends, and our family evening begins. We're having some left over chili-mac. My husband has a friend over, helping him drain the pool, so we can clean it. I'm heading out, once I finish this post, to do some top-secret Easter shopping. Then, we'll do the usual hang-out, watch tv, get everyone bathed and off to bed routine. It was a good Wednesday.


  1. What a lovely homeschool day!

    1. Thank you, Chiharu! I appreciate you visiting my blog. I hope you have a lovely weekend.