Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day in the Life: Our Typical Homeschool Thursday

This is the fourth installment in this series. I'm enjoying sharing our days with you.

This was our day, on April 24, 2014. It was a very typical Thursday.

My day started with coffee and making a stack of pancakes. Each kid woke and ate at their own pace. 

Once everyone was up and at 'em, my 9 year old and I worked on her grammar, while my 14 year old showered, and my 4 year old finished his pancakes and watched Bubble Guppies.

Next, I gave my daughter her math lesson. She then worked on problems from her textbook, while my oldest did his algebra, and my youngest played on

Then, my 9th grader and my 4th grader worked on their science, while my preschooler played with some of my stamps.

I quickly made and packed a lunch, of quesadillas and frozen grapes, which they ate in the car, on the way to art lessons.

The "big kids" had a private art lesson, and the little one and I ran errands.
(photo courtesy of Kathy Bunn)

Then, my oldest had some physical therapy, while we waited.

The doctor said he couldn't believe how well behaved and patient my kids are. So, I treated them all to milkshakes!! (Don't worry, I'm parked!)

After a quick wardrobe change for the little one (the milkshake wasn't the wisest choice for a snack in the car), we headed outside. The older ones worked on a geography project, while my 4 year old enjoyed some well deserved play time.

That's where our homeschool day ended, and our family evening began. I'm working on dinner, as I blog (another not so wise choice, lol). Then we have some packing to do, for a weekend trip. It's been a good Thursday.

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