Wednesday, May 14, 2014

10 Cheap Ideas for Summer Fun

Looking for some simple and cheap ways to entertain the kids this summer? Here are 10 inexpensive ways to up the ante, and get the most out of those hot summer days!

1. Start a club! We love hosting book clubs and craft clubs, but anything that strikes your fancy can become a summer club. Find a few willing participants, set up dates and times, and throw in a few healthy snacks (consider taking turns with the other moms). Boom! You've got a fun way for the kids to get together, with friends who enjoy the same things they do.

2. Check out local day camps! Lots of churches host a week long Vacation Bible School. Not your thing? Try your local 4-H. They often have day camps, that only cost a few dollars. My kids have attended archery, reptile, doll making, gymnastics, swim, and basketball camps, all through 4-H, and we live in the tiniest town you can imagine. Many gyms offer summer clubs or camps, for children as well.

3. Create a backyard obstacle course! My kids love this! Use hula hoops, pool noodles, balloons, cones, or anything of the sort, to create a fun obstacle course. Maybe invite the neighborhood kids over, and make a day out of it!

4. Build something together! Take the time you'd normally be schooling, to create something useful with your kids. Think step-stools, birdhouses, etc. My oldest son LOVES to work with wood and tools, and this provides a chance for us to spend time together (not an easy task, once they reach teen-hood).

5. Take a daycation! Take off for the day! Pack a lunch and drive to the closest beach(or other body of water), and spend the day swimming, enjoying the breeze, soaking up the sun--you get the point! Even a simple picnic lunch, at a local park, can be just the change of pace you need.

6. Take advantage of local summer programs/specials! Bowling alleys, movie theaters, and libraries usually run summer specials or programs for kids. Again, we live in a very small town, but the bowling alley 30 minutes away offers 8 weeks of bowling for 8 dollars. Can't beat that. Many movie theaters have certain summer days, when they play a free movie (usually early, like 10am), for kids. Libraries often have weekly story times. Look into what your community offers.

7. Game Days! We have a rule in this house. Rainy summer days, are board game days. We break out whichever games we feel like playing, and spend the day battling each other. Give it a try. Your kids won't be as disappointed, that they can't swim or hit the playground.

8. Organize a parade or put on a play! Gather some of the neighborhood kids, and have a bike parade! Or get together with some of your local homeschool pals, and put together a play, to perform for the dads or other family members.

9Go old school, and play some classic outdoor games! We love family freeze tag, hide and seek, and kick the can. Add some extra cooling off fun, by incorporating the sprinkler!

10. Create a summer playlist! Who doesn't want to spend the summer jamming out to their favorite tunes?! Throw in everyone's favorites, set it to random, and crank it up. Watch your days rock!

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