Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do It Yourself Homeschool Planner

I bought a homeschool planner our first year of homeschooling, and hated it. I stopped using it before Christmas, of that year. Therefore, I created my own. I tweaked it again this year. It's really easy to do. All of the products (binder, designer paper, tabs, page protectors, etc.) I purchased at Walmart. I made all of the charts myself (if I can do it, you can do it), on WordPerfect, except for the calendar and the attendance record. I will post a link to the sites, where I found these, with the picture.
*Note: You can enlarge all pictures by clicking on them.

First, buy a binder, and make it pretty. This one has a clear cover, so I chose a font on WordPerfect, made a title page, printed it on pretty paper, and slid it in the front cover. Easy peasy!

Second, make a list of things you want to include in your planner. Mine consists of a school year calendar, an attendance record, weekly lesson plans, reading logs, a curriculum list, our daily schedule (or "order of events" as highlighted in a previous post), chore charts, weekly goals, and our weekly meal plan. The last few things aren't typically found in a homeschool planner, but they affect our homeschool day, so I chose to include them.  You should include what suits you, and your family. Use the list you've made to create sections, using page protectors, sticky tabs, paper of your choice, and printables (either homemade or found online). Here's a quick look inside mine for reference.

This is what you see upon opening. Some rewards in the left pocket, and a calendar for the school year, highlighting holidays, and time off. Which I printed from here:

Next, you have pretty paper leading you into our attendance record, which I printed from here:

Then pretty paper leads to the week's lesson plans, which aren't filled in at the moment, because I was in the middle of planning our week, when I decided I'd rather take pictures for my blog.

Next, yet more pretty paper takes you to the oldest two's reading logs.

Then a quick look at a list of our current curriculum.

And into the daily order of events (highlighted in a previous post), our chore charts, and weekly goals, where I write down things I wish to accomplish, on top of the normal routine.

Then the planner ends with the weekly meal plan (also highlighted in another post).

That's my planner. I feel utterly exposed. 

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