Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keepin' It Real

I was just inspired, by one of my favorite youtubers. She posted a video titled "Welcome to Real Life" (link at end of post). It's a bold look at what real life is like for your average homeschooler. Let me tell you, honey. It ain't all lapbooks and field trips. We have kids, in our homes, all day and all night! Things get messy. We're not fembots simultaneously baking bread, washing dishes, teaching lessons, and entertaining guests. We homeschool moms are real people, just like everyone else.

If anyone wants to know how I "do it all" in one day, my answer is always the same. I DON'T. Here is a quick look at what my house looks like, right now, at the end of a normal homeschool day. Warning! Not for the squeamish or Type A personalities.

my living room couch

 my horrendous pile of dirty laundry

my stove-top, both breakfast and lunch dishes are still out...about to start dinner

 our classroom in its natural state

Brings to mind the saying, "Sorry for the mess, but we live here." It's so important to be in the here and now, with your kids. The dishes can wait, but they can't. Be present, in every sense of the word.

Link to MacKenzie Monroe's "Welcome to Real Life" video, which inspired this post:

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